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Zip Code Finder–Simply Marvelous!

This is not the prettiest app in the Windows 8 Store. But what it may lack in Metro design adherence, it makes up in functionality and features. Enter any or all of the following parameters; Zip Code, Address, City, State, County or Area Code, and Zip Code Finder will offer you search results at the top of the screen. Click on one of the results and the app will take you there on the map below in; Birds Eye, Aerial or Road view. Want to see more map, click the Map View icon to hide search results and get a larger view.

All the screen shots have not been updated, but the app now includes Street Address as a parameter (see above). Enter an address, city and state, and you will zoom right into that specific location, just like Google Earth (uses Microsoft Maps). With a touch screen you can rotate the Bird’s Eye view by moving your fingers around the map. There are also some other bonuses, like finding distance (including directions) between any two U.S. Zip Codes, Cities or Street Addresses.  The results are in kilometers, but my bet is that’s an easy fix. There is a cool little feature that will turn the app logo red when an Internet connection is not detected, and green when it is.

This is a great app for address verification, searching for a new home, checking out home/business locations, etc. The app was updated yesterday to work on RT devices, so I can now rock with it on my Surface. A little sluggish on my 6 year old Pentium office workstation, but it does the job. It’s is a Buy Only app (no trial) unfortunately (violating my new policy), but it is affordable at $1.49. Only three reviews. They are all 5 stars.

More from the developer:


Every U.S. street and address range, with its related 9 digit ZIP code,
put into row and column CSV format for easy use and manipulation. With
unique fields of information and every 9 digit ZIP code in the United States,
it gives you an unlimited number of ways to analyze all the U.S. ZIP  information.
Great tool for address verification, building websites, geotargeting, and general analysis


Great tool for address verification, building websites, geotargeting, and general analysis

If you have a need for pinpointing an address quickly, Zip Code Finder may be what you have been looking for.