A number is just that. I get it. But this is what the spin is:


The 100,000 is still fractional to Android and iOS. I know 700,000 apps mean more undiscoverable apps. I know we’re not talking about quality. But from a perception perspective it’s a gap that won’t be bridged soon and will continue to be cited as a flaw of the OS for the next year. And there are still top name apps missing. None has moved me from the platform, but MS has to keep pushing this envelope or the media will keep hitting them over the head with it.


  1. Not saying that this issue isn’t present on Android’s Play market or Apple’s App Store as well, but doesn’t the Windows Phone market have a serious issue with multiple copies of apps that simple have a different language or name?

    The few times I’ve browsed the market, I’ve been surprised at how many apps are just crap wrapped up in a different name over and over…

    Just curious as to how many apps are actually used?

  2. I recently got an HTC Titan. (I plan to upgrade once Windows 8 comes out.) The frustrating thing for me is not a lack of ways to do things on my phone. The WinPho apps that are available tend to fill most niches and their features tend to improve regularly. Rather, my frustration is that there are services I already use (either by choice or by obligation) that have apps available for iOS and Android, but which refuse to code a Windows Phone version until there’s a more significant user base. I’m primarily talking about institutional apps (such as one that allows me easily to access the busy online forums at the University where I teach) and companion apps (such as one that allows me to access a personal finance service without having to use my browser).

    That’s one of the things I’m hoping for Windows 8 to change significantly.

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