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Sorry, But I Don’t Think Developers Should Be Submitting Mango Apps Yet

imageApp submission for Mango Windows Phone applications is open and yesterday Microsoft stated “The time to get your Mango apps into Marketplace is now.” With all due respect, I don’t think that’s a good idea. If you recall, lots of developers got in early when Marketplace was first going live and they were some of the first apps available for Windows Phones. However, by the time Windows Phones were available in the US those initial apps were already ‘old’ and no longer had great visibility. Well history is set to repeat itself.

There’s no category for ‘Mango’ apps in Marketplace (since that could mean fast app switching or using the camera,  or a series of other things). So if you have an app that streams satellite music in the background or uses the camera for augmented reality or does something else Mango-y then what do you gain out of submitting it now? There are very few Mango Phones out there (at least relative to the general population of Windows Phone users). And those apps will not be in the ‘new’ category in a month from now when mango is generally available. Getting press about a nifty app now is cool but will people remember that in a month?

Bottom line, I think it makes sense for developers to prepare their Mango apps but only submit them when mango is generally available. That’s my two cents at least. You agree?