We’ve become trained that mobile apps should be in the sub-$5 range, but there are exceptions.

For example, Windows Phone users just got dropped a new strategy RPG, originally a PS2 title, Spectral Souls. It’s a whopping $12.99.

The look is very typical Japanese-style RPG, very Final Fantasy. It has some battle elements I haven’t seen: holding moves and chaining character attacks. The tutorial evidently is exhaustive and daunting.

Final Fantasy Tactics on iOS runs $15.99. I guess the question really is: How much will you pay for a game on a mobile platform that isn’t just a casual time-waster? As a full-blown platform title, I really don’t think that $13 is *that* bad.

There is, of course, a price: it’s big. 575megs. And since WP requires you to have 4x the load space (WTF?), you’re going to need 2Gs free to load this sucker.

Pic: wpcentral


  1. thats worth it…J-RPGs usually come with well over 40 hours of gameplay… surely not the angry birds we’re use to. and for the record…i am addicted to finaly fantasy tactics. i can’t help myself when it comes to that game…i own it on my psp, ps vita, ipad and what the hell ever else they’ll sell it on (besides gameboy…lets be for real here….)

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