There’s a new kid on the block called Voyager Mobile and according to their website they’re launching tomorrow officially at 6am. They’re going to be announcing $19 per month unlimited wireless plans with no contracts or even credit checks.


Starting Tuesday, May 15 at 6 AM EDT, wireless subscribers will have a new option when picking their cell phone carrier — introducing Voyager Mobile. Through its nationwide 3G and 4G wireless network, Voyager Mobile provides unlimited wireless plans starting at $19 per month — no contracts, credit checks, or gimmicks.

Voyager Mobile aims to make wireless service much more affordable, putting today’s technology in the hands of subscribers nationwide at a lower and fixed monthly cost. Voyager Mobile offers most Android and Windows smartphones.

While saving money on wireless service comes standard, Voyager Mobile believes in rewarding its customers for talking on the phone. We’re introducing Voyager Rewards — the frequent talker program. Simply talking on the phone will reward you with points, which can be redeemed for airline miles, gift cards, phone upgrades, and free monthly service.

To learn more about the products and services of Voyager Mobile, or to sign-up for new service, visit us on the web at or call 1-866-579-5511.


Although Voyager Mobile’s wireless network has coverage nationwide, sales of wireless service are currently being launched in select states, with the remainder coming soon. Please visit for more information.


Web Site:


  1. Hmm. Sounds a lot like republic wireless. I wonder if they are planning on using WiFi calling to have the plan prices so low.

  2. From the site:

    “During its Tuesday, May 15 launch, Voyager Mobile experienced a malicious network attack to its primary website: Due to the network outage, Voyager Mobile is postponing its launch to a time and date in the very near future.

    Our goal of low cost wireless service for all will not be undermined and we strive to continue the voyage for a better wireless world. ”

    Looks like AT&T and Verizon got a little scared and hacked them.

  3. Yep I did, checked the site first thing this morning before reading the news. Was interested until I realized its just another sprint piggy backer and that to get data and texting requires a $39 dollar plan. Not very appealing considering the other options available.

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