Shockingly, Windows Phone lacks both speed dialing and a real favorite  people category (don’t tell me to pin 10 people to my home screen). But what if we could get not just a speed dialer, but something with the ability to tap on a button to call/email/sms your favorite contacts or launch a website? Well that’s what 1Touch is. You can set up to 80 tiles worth of actions (20 per page) and each tile can have either a contact or a website. If it’s a contact then you can set the default action (so you can call them, text them, email them or launch an action screen to choose which one) or if you tap and hold you can bring up a screen to choose a secondary action from. Of course, with so many open tiles you can add more than one tile per contact and as you can see it’s super easy on your eyes to see all of your tiles at once and what the default action is. Add this with the fact that it’s free (ad based but the ad is non-obtrusive at the top) and it’s a done deal. Oh and since it’s called 1Touch it will be on the top of your apps list so even if you don’t give it a tile it’ll be simple to get to. Want to see it in action?

So there you have it. Oh and expect a paid version (at $.99) in the near future that has a few more options. But we’ll tell you when that hits;) Check the Marketplace under the name “1Touch” or “Herm” to find the developer since it’s from Herm’s Software. There are other apps with similar names that lack the aesthetics and the value so make sure you get the real deal.


  1. @adp: Found it by browsing the Social category, search won’t find it, I guess it hasn’t been indexed yet. Release date is today (11/23).

  2. @adp: I knew it was available so I was searching on the desktop version that let me buy it and it sent it to my phone and then on my phone i was able to find it so maybe it was related…

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  4. I’m part of the WP7 fam now with the HD7, not taking a chance on the Dell. YAY! How about a Microsoft tag for all these cool applications, is that up to the dev?

  5. Couldn’t find it when I searched on my phone last night (for 1Touch or Herm), but this morning it popped right up. Playing with it now.

  6. Got it. I flicked over to the ‘Free’ tab and hit the soft Search key and got a “Marketplace Search” box. I typed “1touch” and it found it immediately. I probably won’t play with it today, but it’s good to see Herm still working on stuff for us little users!!
    It’s got 3.5 stars so far.

  7. @MartiM: Two updates will come out in rapid succession for this app – they will reduce load time and fix a little glitch that forced close in a few cases. There are also some improvements to the ability to view available options and the images are sharpened. We’ll keep you posted but the launch time is the most important change (well stability too but that was a rare glitch). Anyway, two updates require the first to get approved then the second can be submitted…

  8. It would be nice if it would pull our contacts instead of us having to type in the names again. Would that be in a future update I wonder? Does third party apps have access to the contact list?

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