Pretty interesting work by Andrew Kim who decided to see if he could rebrand Microsoft in three days work. The results are a unified logo that’s stylistic, ties in with Metro and conveys a modern message. In other words, it’s willing to look beyond Windows. While I’m not all in on this, it proves a significant point – regardless of the products that Microsoft is selling, it’s branding is way off and until they correct that they’ll always be seen as the old tech company that was.

Check out the full post here and share your thoughts.


  1. The problem is presented well. His solution though doesn’t seem to solve it. I’m not enamoured with “surface” being the new label, and the diagonal slate logo doesn’t resonate. I also don’t get at a glance why the logo can be stacked in some instances and not others, nor the office having the offset slate. Its more confusing than the current 4 pane window logo.

  2. Looks like they’re still keeping their “phone” failure thing going. That’s like having been bit in the arm by a venomous snake that’ll kill you unless you cut it off – an “appendage due to atrophy”. That and I really hate the way “Windows 8” looks. At least they still have a commanding lead and a good concept with the redesigned Xbox 360, which fixed all the problems of the old one and learned some lessons from Sony’s earlier PlayStation 3 (which they ironically managed to make worse in their newer version).

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see just how bad they “crash n burn”.


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