One of the top selling apps in Marketplace is an audio recording app. Now it has some extra features to it, but in case you didn’t know you do have an audio recorder and note taker on your phone already. They just so happen to call it OneNote. Go to Office, then open a new OneNote file and you can type in notes, add photos or hit the audio button at the bottom to insert voice clips. You can add multiple sound clips to a file as well so you can put text and sound back to back to back. And if you want, just tap and hold and pin that bad boy to your start screen so you can get to it easier. Oh and it will have that awful orange color despite your theme but at least it’s easy to find.


  1. Lol, as much as I use OneNote I totally was expecting you to say some other audio recorder. OneNote is awesome and all my biz ideas get created in it when I’m on the go.

  2. Now you tell me David. The first thing I got out of the marketplace was a voice recorder. The one I have stops recording when the lock screen comes on. Never tried OneNote. Didn’t know what it did.

  3. @Bennyj: I think it only records like 30 seconds. I tried to get my son singing the alphabet and it didn’t make it through the end. So your purchase isn’t for nothing ;)

  4. While OneNote does work well for many things, including voice notes, the FREE, then Paid ($2.99), now discounted ($1.29) Voice Recorder app did have a novel feature allowing you to email a voice note. The feature was temporarially blocked as the emails were being sent anonymously (can only imagine what was being sent) but the developer has promised to return it as soon as he figures it out. You can email a OneNote file but you need OneNote to open it. OneNote voice notes will sync up with OneNote 2010 desktop which is neat.

  5. Just an FYI. I recorded a 93 second OneNote voicenote without issue. I made sure not to stop speaking during the entire note. But then I had to turn on WiFi before it would sync with SkyDrive and ultimately my desktop. File was crisp and clear, but 7.88MB.

    The first OneNote voicenote I tried was 23 seconds and 1.89MB (when delivered to my desktop as a WAV). By contrast, the only note I emailed with Voice Recorder was 21 seconds and 701K, also a WAV file. Not as crisp, but hey its a voice note. Don’t know if there is one yet, but VoiceNote may have to restrict emailing notes to something like 3-4MB. Otherwise you will see lots of errors. If you made a 10 minute recording with OneNote (not sure if you can, but…) you would have a real problem (about 50MB) trying to sync it. Really need something that can use OGG. Much more efficient memory wise.

  6. Its weird, but it feels good. I’ve been sooo bored with my Fuze. Finally a device that I’m happy to have around.. And I’m no longer embarrassed by it freezing, bootlooping, or glitching.

  7. Never haha. My entire fam has iPhones. I’m always getting bombarded with look what my iPhone can do! Now I can say look what your iPhone can’t do! Muhahahaha

  8. Can’t figure out how to delete a OneNote note? I can pin it, and synch it, but how do I get rid of a note I don’t need anymore?

  9. @Gary: go tot he OneNote page, hit ‘all’ (middle of the screen) then you can tap and hold and delete one at a time…it is tricky. They shouldn’t require the extra step

  10. But… the “One Note” sound quality is awful! Like my old (5yr old) phone – fuzzy.
    Don’t know how they managed to make it so bad when you can use the video record function & get (comparatively) really clean sound recordings. (using Nokia 710 I just lay it lense down to stop image capture) I know this is probably not efficient technically but the sound quality is worth it.

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