amazonsurrondsqIf you are looking for a Windows Phone from AT&T now is the time to head on over to Amazon where you can get any of the three devices for just 1 penny! This is a sale that is only good through November 15th, so you will need to get your orders in. Curiously, the Samsung Focus is missing from the lineup saying that you need to “Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.”

This 1 penny deal is only good for for a new service contract for two years.

Thanks to D-Money for the tip!


  1. All AT&T Phones on Sale
    This Thursday, November 11, through Monday, November 15 only, all AT&T phones are on sale starting at a penny with a new service contract.

    So if you looking to upgrade on an existing AT&T account… fuggetaboooutit

  2. If you have an upgrade availble you should be good to go:

    “With service
    New, Upgrade and Add a line

    Without service(Phone only)”

  3. I tried to add a line to my wife’s account and it only offers a reduced price of $149 for the Surround. You have to actually get a seperate new plan apparently.

  4. Just wondering out load. If you are out of contract (beyond the two years) can you close/cancel your account and then open a new account the same/or next day. Not sure how you could keep your number but I think there is something about it being available to you for 30 days, to give you time to move it to another carrier. You would lose the $30 Unlimited Data Plan (have to settle for 2GB at $25) and your rollover minutes. But I don’t think they could prevent you from doing it.

  5. All these companies try all sorts of dirty tricks to get you to sign up with them, but then when they have you as a customer, they don’t do anything to keep you, aside from extortion fees preventing you from going to some place else.

  6. ^ Exactly.

    What’s the point of this? This would only be good for someone on Sprint, TMobile, or Verizon who is already out of contract and thinking of switching to AT&T. That’s a pretty small pool of users. Let’s face it, there’s not too many people who would add a new line JUST to get a new phone. That’d be like spending an extra $90 a month for the next two years just to get a new phone today (which will be obsolete in 6 months anyway).

    Those of us already with AT&T either have to wait for our contract renewal and not get a discount or pay for the phone out-right while still paying the same high, monthly fees. Lose-lose…

  7. Well, looking at it another way. I purchased my phone at full price (just upgraded in July) but AT&T gave me $100 off for customer loyality. Selling two Tilt2’s so not too worried about the $399 cost. So that’s Option 1. When I did upgrade in July I was only 19 months into my 2 year contract and had no problems getting a Tilt2 for $0.01. So that’s Option 2. AT&T will let you renew early to get you on the hook for another 2 years.

    So, maybe as a current user you can’t get a new WP7 phone for $0.01, but $199 is not all that bad. Over two years you are looking at under $0.28 per day, and if you throw in an early upgrade (at 18 months) you are still under $0.37 a day. Considering that you can easily get $75 on eBay for an 18 month old phone in reasonably good condition, you are down to less than $0.23 for cost of ownership (not including all the accessories of course).

    Two bits a day is not that much to pay for the pleasure of owning a new WP7 phone. That’s one less trip to Starbucks each week, or maybe a different route to work in the morning to avoid a toll or whatever else you can thing of to save $1.60 a week or $6.50 a month. You just need to look at the big picture and stop trying to figure out how to get something for nothing, although that is always a good thing.

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