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Word Tangle Now Free For Windows Phone

Word Tangle is a Boggle type game (with some added features) that’s now available in a free flavor. Previously it was available only in a $.99 paid version and starting today there’s a free ad-based version for those interested. Here are the features:

Try to get as many words possible within the time limit (that you set). Same word is allowed more than once as long as it’s built differently each time.

-Multiple dictionaries (US/UK English, Spanish, French, Italian and German)
-Multiple player profiles
-4×4 on up to 8×8 letter game board
-Multiple time limits
-High Scores
-Tilt the phone to rotate letters
-Shake the phone for a new game
-Numerous progress/stats for each player
-Intuitive gameplay for all ages

In watching the app progress, the developer has been very aggressive in listening to user’s suggestions and has been regularly tweaking and upgrading the features which is great to see.

Both the free and paid versions are available in Marketplace now. The games are identical except for the ads.