Windows Phone 7 sells itself. Really, everyone that touches one in person gets it. So MS has to be able to advertise that experience. And they’re finally doing it with their latest ad that shows the phone in action. Nope, not how fast the phone launches the camera, but actual use of it. I think it works, you? Oh and like the screen grab? Wonder where that’s headed…

Anyway, check it out:

Thanks for the tip JV


  1. Epic commercial… best scenario to use. I really love the Windows phone 7, I’m still in the process of getting one! Sorry HD2 We had our time together… HD7 is HERE! :)

  2. Love this advert! I like the Avatar Really ad too. This one shows off Bing, so maybe there will be some more traffic that way as well!

  3. stupid android users…look at them mashing the delete key to type over that “I HATE JET BLUE” text to their family.

  4. the avatar/xbox commercial is sweet and the best so far in my opinion. This one shows a good usage for Bing. I’m still waiting to see a commercial showing off the people hub and how quickly Facebookers can stay current with their friends.

    Yesterday evening I was watching a movie on my Surround and the new email sound chimed. So I simply hit the windows key, saw which account it was in and checked the email. That was 3 clicks. The 3rd click was clicking on the actual email that was new. After I was done I simply hit the Back key 3 times and was right back watching my movie. The Back key enables fast app switching in most common cases and should be highlighted more often.

  5. Although I really like WP7 and the live tile concept, I think the live tile concept is not (yet) well executed.
    On HTC Android phones for instance you can scroll through status updates, bookmarks, pictures, see the weather for the upcoming days, etc. I think MS should offer / allow a selection of tiles (single, double wide, different styles and functions) for each app and more functionality besides showing text and a picture. Then the concept would be great!
    Until then the marketing claim (in and out, and back to life…) always makes me think that this would work better on my Android phone (I hate to say it, but there is not much more glanceable info on WP7 than on iOS with it’s number count bubbles). Think about it!

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