I’ll let the tweet speak for itself. I’m surprised they say that WP7 is a lot of work when everyone seems to feel that the dev tools are the best for WP7. Anyway, stating that it’s “not this year” implies it is coming.  



  1. In fairness the announcement date is supposed to be December so maybe “next year” means January. Don’t really care since I doubt it would cause me too much wasted time in the first place.

  2. kmaynard0017 asked about a ‘holiday version’.. Maybe Rovio was saying no ‘holiday version’, but may still come out with a regular Angry Birds..

  3. I think that some developer out there is hard at work to finalize the next “Angry Birds” type of addictive game for the WP7 platform. At this point Angry Birds rides as much off reputation as game performance. People are more apt to be patient and try it because “everyone else” has raved about it.

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