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If You Downloaded Every Windows Phone 7 App–97.8GB And Then Stats

Justin Angel is doing an experiment of sorts. He’s downloaded every app from the Windows Phone Marketplace? Why? Well looks like he’s going to tear into them and try to extract some stats. “Wrote a query that runs on the entire WP7 marketplace and looks for XAPs with the exact same DLLs” What kind of stats?

Only 16 apps out of the top 2064 WP7 apps use VB.Net. None use F#. Conclusion: 99.2% of top 2064 WP7 apps are written in C#.


coding4fun is in the top 50 for the top 2000 apps. I’ll be blogging about the final results once I have them 🙂


Totally blown away by the preliminary results. Amazing statistics really showing the WP7 ecosystem being immense, diverse and resilient.


1029 apps in the top 2064 WP7 apps are using the Silverlight Toolkit for WP7! Almost 50%!

I like where this is headed. Keep up the good work!

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