Just soak it all in…you’ll notice there’s finally a theme to the screens.

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  1. Darn you to hell David you stole my thunder while I’m out getting a flurry. :-)

    Looking forward to 2012 aka The Year of Windows

  2. @Chris Leiter: To each his own. I like the engaging tiles. When developers use tiles to their potential the results are amazing.

    There is absolutely no denying that Microsoft will make Metro the norm for the world. Now when someone sees Windows Phone they’ll instinctively know how to maneuver and some of what to expect.

    This also allows some serious ecosystem wide marketing to take place which only helps the cause.

  3. The major issue ahead for MS is how they will convince their major customers (business and government) NOT to disable all this flashy nonsense. In the industry I’m in and have been in for the better part of the past decade, the first thing I’d do in windows 8 would be to disable anything that looks “metro” because the technologies behind it introduce too many risks in security. As for WP7, they have a hell of a sales deficit to overcome. Nokia can possibly be their savior in this regard, but I’m just not seeing the interest in WP7 that they’re going to need. Of course people that read this site and others like it will disagree, but still, to this day I have never seen anyone in public with a wp7 device, and other than people that write for this site, I don’t know a single person that owns one.

    Xbox is a given. You have three choices in gaming. And office, well, duh.

    Windows 7 seems to be the last version of windows I’ll be using for a while since I am not in the least bit intereted in windows 8 at this point.

  4. @Chris Leiter: You can turn off Metro – it’s a light skin that can be disabled and you go back to the old days. Don’t worry, you can have an app launcher style UI in Windows too

  5. The day soon will come when we say “Remember when our Computers used a mouse?”

    MS should say “Windows 8 this isn’t your little sisters computer”.


  6. @Chris Leiter: Windows 8 can work fine in the enterprise, for those who are willing to expand their thinking. Group policies can lock down the desktop so users cant do any insecure stuff (as is done today) and the tiled start screen opens up a lot of possibilities. Imagine a start screen that has tiles for your email showing unread messages, application with an alert message or a tile that alerts you that a web page has been changed. Its funny, you read everywhere that businesses are now flocking to adopt the ipad with its limited enterprise features, I see no reason why Windows 8 wont be even more widely adopted with its enterprise capabilities and legacy compatibility. Just needs people who can be more openminded.

  7. Microsoft did what everyone thought impossible; They covered all bases in a single move. Windows 8 gives Microsoft a cool, new look that will appeal to the masses while maintaining legacy support and easily able to secure and/or switch to a more familiar Windows 7-ish look for comfort and when appropriate.

    Compared to Lion which basically just gave you different style grids its going to be like taking candy from a baby. The enterprise customers who were planning on iPads will now rock Windows 8 tablets. Mark it down.

  8. @Stan – I’m just glad I don’t have some other female’s picture anymore :)

    …and why do you make me think of Scotty in the 4th Trek movie? “Hello computer…”

  9. @Chris Leiter
    Okay Chris, since all of you guys are “in the know” and probably have links to site with this type of info can we all PLEASE stop with this MS has a deficit to make up crap. We all need to stop acting as though the game STARTED when apple entered. Sure it changed, but it didn’t start.
    With that said, what happens when we factor in Windows MOBILE sales? I mean it did have a helluva +/- 10 year run… whether you like it or not.

  10. @MartiM: Sorry about the last set of icons. I deleted them all and added 40 mobile related icons. The plugin randomly picks an icon for each commentor. I thought it was really a cool plugin. I was waiting for the Apple Icon to show up!

  11. @Doug lol Oh, I was mildly amused. It’s not like it was a cheesecake-laden Simmons rant. :D
    I like these icons – more topical ;)
    I’m fine with cheesecake (as long as it doesn’t become porn lol), I just demand equal time. You’ve got Hooters? Fine, I want a bar called Cocks…

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