The official webOS app count hit 5,000 today. The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is at 4870.  The Windows Phone Marketplace averages 111 apps per day according to WP7Applist. The webOS market took three months to gain 1,000 apps so it’s growing at around 11-12 apps per day. So deduction comes into play and…by the end of 2010 the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will have more apps than webOS even though it’s a lot newer. And beyond that, it’s growing at a staggeringly faster pace of approximately ten-fold and only picking up speed.

To be fair, the webOS app availability could be as high as 6,000 apps if you add  webapps, betas, homebrew, international apps and themes, but it really doesn’t matter. That just buys a little time. Windows Phone  will have more apps than webOS’s by even the most liberal calculations in favor of webOS in near future, and that should be before the end of January, 2011 unless something dramatic happens.

One down…


  1. I understand the hype but why the infatuation with having the biggest app store. The 100+ apps I have are already somewhat unwieldy, so I am looking to delete those that I don’t expect to get much use. Can’t imagine that number ever breaking 150. While the Marketplace may be missing a few key apps I expect what’s already there to just keep multiplying with more crap to sift through in each category and a few better apps floating to the top. Just seems to me that 100,000 apps will be exponentially more difficult to navigate. And it already takes too long to wait for Zune to search now. Hope they are working on that.

  2. For me it’s a perception thing.. WP7 has to prove it’s a contender and that means building up a market that’s at leastt a conversation peice and attracting devs and end users and the cycle continues. If it stagnates (think WM or webOS apparently) then the OS is dismissed and both devs and end users walk.

  3. As long as Microsoft gives me some “real” search and filtering tools I am OK with the apps race. Otherwise, all that time saved with a phone that just works will be spent trudging though a quagmire of mediocre apps to find the gems.

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