Just read these Tweets in a row and note only the first is from a Microsoft employee:

Take a look at both of those Tweets and via “WindowsLive” (which redirects to WindowsPhone.com) appears. This is a slightly different signature than we’ve seen in the past Mango test builds which was “Windows Phone(viaWindowsLive)INT”. MVPs are playing with a new beta build of Mango. So what’s going on here? Pure speculation but the noise about a new Mango build being released along with Bill Cox’s tweet that tell us to stay tuned (just like we say before devs got Mango) leads me to speculate that we’re getting close to an updated Mango build for alldevelopers that includes Twitter integration, turn-by-turn directions without screen taps and bug fixes. Think I’m right?


  1. Where did you hear about the turn-by-turn directions update? I hope it’s true but I heard that for licensing reasons the tapping is not going away. Maybe things have changed?

  2. @Idrankbluekoolaid: The licensing agreement is for third parties. If a dev uses Navtek data that is what they are limited by. That’s not necessarily what MS is limited by in its direct agreement and that’s why WM6.5 had traditional turn by turn directions. It’s rumored that the new Mango build has the traditional model.

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