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Big or Small, Nokia Has it All

After picking up a yellow Lumia 1020 last week, I knew I had to find a yellow cover for my backup Nokia 520. Nothing you can’t fix with a quick eBay search. While the 1020 is Nokia’s latest flagship, the Big Kahuna so to speak, the tiny Lumia 520 is no slouch. Actually, after being pressed into using the 520 as my primary device for a day or two (don’t ask), I have a suggestion for all you Lumia 900 owners out there.

Unless you can somehow wrangle an early upgrade with AT&T (or you are buying the 1020 off contract), you are probably stuck with the L900, and WP7.8, till at least next April. After spending time with WP8, it really does make a difference. More app availability, more built in features. It’s all there. The L900, as good a phone as it was, is now stuck in the past. And it’s never getting out.

So try this on for size. Pick up an AT&T branded Lumia 520 at your local store, or online from, for a sweet $99. Then, sell your Lumia 900 on eBay or Craig’s List for (at least) $99. That’s a wash right there. Ok, the screen is a little smaller. And the build quality is not quite the same. But it’s a brand new phone and it’s sporting Windows Phone 8. What’s not to like. You get to enjoy all that WP8 has to offer for the next 8 months. Then, come upgrade time, you will be ready to pick up the latest and greatest flagship from Nokia, or whomever. And with WP8, you can easily backup your 520 and restore all of your settings and apps to a new WP8.x phone.

No doubt that the Lumia 1020 is the most desirable Windows Phone on earth today, but any new phone is a new phone. Something to think about.

P.S. If you want to add a little color to your new Lumia 520, here ya go.

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