We know that Twitter integration is going live with Mango. Well it looks like the social side of Windows Phones isn’t going to stop there. In a tweet, Ken Dacey states that he’s testing checking in using a Windows Phone. And the method is noted as “Windows Phone(via WindowsLive)INT” which redirects you to the Windows Phone website. To be clear, there are other people on Twitter using this same method of Tweeting (Windows Phone(viaWindowsLive)INT) like @stephensisk and a bunch of others (like that Twitrtestuser2 Twitrtestuser4 richz98052 CNeesh) which all leads to: @twitWL which appears to be the main tester that they are using here. 

So what’s this all mean? Windows Live is likely going to get Twitter natively (just like Facebook is) and that will include check-ins (that are likely going to let you choose your method of check-in but we’ll have to see how that works). And just like it does for Facebook, that means it will flow from Live (the website) to your Windows Phone.

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  1. Lovely! Twitter rules!

    While I’m testing the comment system, pretending for a moment that WP isn’t dying / wasn’t dead on arrival, for the record could I please just get an ETA on this Mango thing, the great big update following the update that still hasn’t been delivered which is supposedly following the “pre” updates preceding the bogus renegade update to subvert the anti-updates that was later decried as destructive despite reports to the contrary that it isn’t blocking the official updates that aren’t coming, with blog updates from Microsoft that there are no new updates?

  2. … I’m of course speaking of the update everyone has described as underwhelming at best, the one named after an Android update to imply that unlike Donuts this update will be huge, but turned out to be not even worth the trouble. That MIX thing, any suits speak about WP like Ballmer or the corporate VP guy or have they … shifted Focus?

    How much longer will you people put up with this bullshit? How much thicker does the bullshit need to be laid on until you can identify it as bullshit?

    Except for those of you who have some .. residual confusion, no one, not even Eric the WP Team Blogman, believes in the might and power that once was the illusion of Microsoft’s phone ventures.

    Let go. It’s time.

  3. @Doug Simmons: can you fix the comment thing already? No, not the issue on the site – the thing where you just keep getting angrier in consecutive anti-WP7 rants ;)
    Mango comes in 6 months and as they’ve said, there’s more to it than they’ve revealed. I know you can’t wait but imagine that all Windows Phones have this integrated social implementation. Not like Android where you have the HTC version and Samsung lacks it…well you know what it’s like in your world.

  4. Six months? I asked for your estimate, not some on paper theoretical bullshit.

    I just read a blog post dated April 16th saying NoDo would finish delivery by early April. As if it’s a fucking joke, Eric’s lashing out. Cute, I’d do the same.

    I’m under the impression that at least half of WP owners who don’t end up defecting until they have absolutely no choice won’t get either Mango or even NoDo unless they buy a new phone. Fair statement?

  5. @Doug Simmons: Everyone has NoDo now except for the fucking HTC Surround…HTC screwing up updates – that never happens. Why is there a dealy just to that phone? “The updates we deliver contain a complex stew of software code. The content often includes not only our fixes and improvements but also software supplied by companies that make the phone itself and the chips inside it. One of these third-party software “packages” earmarked for the HTC Surround needs additional testing by both Microsoft and AT&T.” They use some bluetooth chipset. Just like Samsung screwed up and changed chipsets so did HTC apparently so now MS is working with them to get out an update. I know – you were right and they should be even tighter in their control of specs.
    you fix the comments yet?:)

  6. Should? The only thing they should have done was EXIT the phone business altogether when it became pretty clear they wouldn’t succeed — rather than start thinking of a new name to use to give themselves a clean slate.

    Watch out everybody, got four or five big OEMs are backing up, beep beep..

  7. Oh shit look out Nokia’s rolling in the other direction for some strange reason. No, wait, not as bad as we thought, they’re still leaving some of their old platforms back at their fort, almost like they were coerced unnaturally, digitally date raped, coerced into making this deal with the rank and file declaring that the Elop Virus strikes again. I didn’t know that was a CEO when I googled to see how big the threat was.

  8. Why do yall comment back and forth with this Doug asshole? What a douche. I love my WP7. So does my wife. She also loves the perf and copy and paste and all marketplace improvements in NoDo. Doug – STFU. You’re a troll.

  9. And to all you ungrateful sons of bitches reading this come morning, be nicer to me you assholes, the big ego thing is just an act, I really have a fragile self esteem that you need to handle with sweet care in order to keep this gold flowing. I’ll flow gold all over you bastards.

  10. Frank I may be a douche asshole troll but I’m not the one with the phone platform walking the fucking plank like yours while saying the opposite is taking place. Your remark is the first positive reception of NoDo I have ever come across. I bet that’s a rare sighting for David.

    And to all you ungrateful sons of bitches reading this come morning, be nicer to me you assholes, the big ego thing is just an act, I really have a fragile self esteem that you need to handle with sweet care in order to keep this gold flowing. I’ll flow gold all over you bastards.

    Hey Frank, you don’t know what I am. Sure you should just size up a man based on how he responds in this setting, something about cell phones? Cell phones??

    Frank, in time, hopefully you will learn to judge without being judgmental.

  11. And STFU? I just fixed the comment system (turns out I wasn’t even the one who broke it). I tend not to censor people but c’mon, that’s just too much irony for all of us Frank, for you to use that very comment system I fixed rather than go to sleep to prevent me from commenting in my efforts to further test the commenting system — and of course to spread a little truth while I’m at it.

    Good night sweethearts.

  12. @Doug Simmons: So Android releases updates to all models at the same time? I don’t think so. NoDo made some nice updates in performance and marketplace not to mention copy & paste. This isn’t Palm we’re talking about, Microsoft can stay in the fight and concentrate on developing their ecosystem. Nokia is the best partner to help accomplish that. I’m ecstatic with my Surround, everyone I show it to likes the OS. You do realize that you are starting to sound like an iPhone owner trying to put out the potential competitor before it gets started. Where’s the love Simmons?

  13. Truth be told the Windows 7 phone is already a better phone than the piece of crap Google puts out. Even today the Wp7 beats all the speed and usability tests. With Mango the Wp7 will be the best in terms of ease of use and functionality. Oh forgot you can use your Android phone to wipe your ass. I guess Android wins again with more functions.

    The general public doesn’t care about these stupid arguments. The wp7 will win or lose based on things we don’t even care about. Who would have thought that in today’s world we still argue over the OS. When was the last time you said a car was better because of the instrument panel?

  14. It used to be I enjoyed reading Mobility Digest for the informitive articles AND the witty banter. Lately witty is missing, it is Doug Simmons just ranting aimlessly about WP. The creativity that used to be enjoyable to read just seems pure negative anymore. There is a line Doug, and when you find yourself hate posting comment after comment in the wee hours of the morning you’ve crossed that line. Time to reevaluate. Meanwhile I think I will pursue my mobile news elsewhere. Best of luck.

  15. @Dave… I second that opinion… as a business professional, I don’t like to use profanity. In my office that just simply is not allowed, but here I am reading comments, trying to get some objective info, and this Doug a**hole smutters my screen with nonsense. I too removed this site as of today from my favorites. Time to move on… Bye guys.. it was nice knowing ya…

  16. @Vinny: Pay Dougie no mind. He just keeps shouting because his position is full of fail. The truth is that although the Mango update has no definite public release date and the minimum specs have been lowered slightly that the user experience is top notch.

    I honestly haven’t met a single person who has raved about the Android experience. Microsoft is still hiring and adding to the windows phone team so no sign of bailing out of the market any time soon. What they are dealing with is the popularity of the iPhone and the absurd weekly Android releases. Combine that with the fact WP7 is only on AT&T and T-Mobile and it isn’t even a fair comparison. Yes Android is a good operating system but the best tech is getting waisted because its rushed to the market without optimization complete.

  17. My apologies for the excessive rant I made late last night. I was agitated about something unrelated and let that spill onto this thread and a couple others, clearly crossing the line too far and on threads that were neither mine nor intended to bait me.

    I apologize and with sincerity.

  18. @Vinny:

    I agree with you guys enough is enough. Doug has an opinion and the right to express it but his opinion isn’t Pro-Android, it’s anti-WP hidden behind the guise of Android. It’s ugly and not what attracted me to this website. I’ve been here a long time and I’ve always liked the friendly nature here. I don’t enjoy Doug’s negativity, it’s causes me to skip his posts but because of his past work I still have much respect.

    @Doug Simmons: Maybe it’s time to take a vacation in my opinion, I’m no Dr. Jim but your attitude can’t be healthy. Life’s too short and we don’t want you to burn out.

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