imageA month ago we asked you what price you would pay for a TouchPad. I mentioned I’d buy at $100 and consider $150 but $200 was not going to work for me. Of course, the next day is when the fire sale began and we know how that played out. So next up is the Playbook. I’m not in the crowd that believe it lost to the iPad. It lost to itself, and similarly to the TouchPad you can’t sell a device that’s not ready for the masses and expect me to pay near retail for it.

For me the functionality of the Playbook is pretty intriguing but as far as I recall it still had that email problem. You know…lack of email. And not sure what the app market is but I’m confortable saying that (best case) it’s going to be on par with the TouchPad (which means it’s there but you can make it through the entire catalogue in a night). Where does this leave me? I don’t know, but I still think I use a tablet mostly for web browsing. It does Flash. I’ll throw another $100 at it. Since I have a TouchPad (that I already don’t use) I’m now less likely to hit $150 for it and $200 is a total non-starter. The whole thing is sort of silly since I’ve never seen a Playbook in person, I don’t know anyone with one or anyone even talking about it like a real product. It’s more about what price having a web tablet with some storage for videos is worth and even though it’s likely worth more than $100, if I’m spending more than that I’d rather get a functional tablet and not something that’s half assed.

So chime in before they really do start the fire sale. BGR is reporting that Rogers employees can buy them at half price – $250 for the 16gb model. That’s not the fire sale I need. No deal for me. Who let this thing out the door?

Anyway, chime in and tell us what you’re willing to pay for a Playbook. If you put a number above $100 we’ll presume you own three Blackberries and still think they’re the shizit. OMG it’s only 7”…man it’s pushing it for $100 from me. Ok, while we’re at it, what would you pay more for – Playbook or the Dell Streak 7? I think this is something we’ll all agree on.


  1. I sold my TouchPad today for $130 (16GB TouchPad and Zagg screen Protector), and there’s no way in hell I’d buy a Playbook based on my previous experience with it at stores etc. If Samsung were to firesale a tab 10.1 though….

  2. This is worth zero dollars to me. I have no need for it and my apartment is small.

    Furthermore and more importantly, I have no clients who own or would buy this — including those packing blackberries. I suspect most of those haven’t even heard of this thing and are outnumbered by those wanting to buy / who’ve already bought a, you guessed it, an ipad.

    So the closest tablet to being of interest to me is an ipad (forgot to mention all those iphone clients who already own one) but from bouncing from one client to the next, without owning one I already know what I need to know to TCOB.

    Tl;dr cool story / I’m not in the market

  3. I’d cop a Playbook for $100 if only to use as a portable video and music player for long trips. The problem as you alluded to is the lack of ecosystem. Simmons also alluded to an issue, those who own BlackBerry phones would probably get an iPad before a PlayBook. Lesson learned by anyone other than Apple is don’t bring no half baked crap to the table.

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