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Microsoft rallying around Windows Phone 7



I wrote an article “WP7 is Microsoft’s Union Station” back in June.  The purpose of the article was to explain and forecast how Windows Phone 7 was the device Microsoft was going to use to finally connect their numerous popular services.  I love it when a good plan starts to come together.

Recently we’ve seen confirmation of the Windows Live Sync being rebranded back to Windows Live Mesh; Activesync now confirmed for Hotmail; and Xbox Live initial launch wave of titles.  Add in the fact you have skydrive and its 25GB of storage and indeed Windows Phone 7 is proving to be the centerpiece to Microsoft’s Three Screens and a Cloud game plan.  I don’t even have to tell you the significance of the recently reported marketing figures being thrown around.

So as we round the corner and head towards the home stretch what more evidence do you need to see to convince you that Microsoft is playing for keeps and may finally dealt with the enemy within?