Everyone has their price, right? Well in light of the fact that Best Buy is sitting on 200,000 HP TouchPads you have to imagine that the deep discounts continue and in fact grow quite a bit. But it all boils down to something simple – is there a price you’d pay for it? I mean, we all have a price, right? If nothing else it’s a web tablet that can do some emailing as well and that has to have some value. If you wanted to buy a portable dvd player, well this is better than that, right?

For me it definitely hits the Android cheap figures – like $100 I’ll buy one now…$200 makes me think but I probably don’t need it at that price.  At $150 I’d think it over but probably talk myself into it. Just something for my kids to paly with and watch a few movies and a web tablet for couch browsing. I wouldn’t run after it at that price though – in fact I presume I can get an iPad (1st gen) for somewhere in that range if it were used anyway and that makes me question the whole thing.

I think their best play is to go zoo to zoo and see if they can get orangutans to like TouchPads as much as they do iPads and try to cut a deal. I mean, those orangutans may break a whole bunch of tablets so you have to get the zoo to buy in bulk. Orangutans using tablets has to draw a few extra people in, right?

Anyway, what’s your price for a TouchPad?


  1. I would buy a HP Touch pad for 100 right now. Anything over 100 would cause me to think about it.

  2. I demo’d a TouchPad at the local OfficeMax and its not intuitive at all. I was in an app and there is no natural swipe or pinch motion to get you out of it. I was shaking my head telling myself that there is no way those things were going to be flying off the shelf.

    As for my price for a TouchPad? $150. Anything higher than that and i’d rather have an Android and anything higher than $250 I would just get an iPad.

    Windows 8 tablets need to hurry up.

  3. @Murani Lewis – I beg to differ; swiping up to move between, or closing applications is probably one of the most intuitive implementations I’ve seen with what’s currently out on the market. Android, iOS, WP7 all require you to select a ‘back’ or ‘home’ button to do so

    I agree with @Brianna; I’d be happy to pay $300 for a webos tablet however $600 currently for a 32gb in Australia is too much compared to current competition

  4. I like the touchpad,but the lack of 3G support and the fact u can’t edit documents on it make me think the max I’ll pay for it is $250,and probably just $200 by mid September

  5. Now that I’ve read about dual OS tablets, I’m really not interested in a device that can’t run full Windows. I’ll take a device with a dual OS and docking station. Windows at the desk, tablet OS on the go. Or I’ll just wait for Windows 8.

  6. I picked up that $99 touchpad today. Lol, love it. Well, actually the touchpad is quite lame, I love the price. It is finally priced properly.

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