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WP7 – Wired Headset Required For FM Radio

If you have a Windows Mobile phone with an FM radio I’m sure you know that you need to insert a wired headset to get it to work since it uses it as an antennae. Yup, there’s a registry tweak to get it to play without it, but the reception is too shitty to be useful. Anyway, nothing has changed with WP7. Looks like you’ll still need a wired headset if you want to use the radio. I was hoping that there was an internal antennae they would work into this. Who knows, maybe some devices will have that – we can hope…

Hey, maybe the iPhone should do this – you know, require you to use a wired headset to act as an antennae before placing a phone call so they can get a better signal;)

Thanks again to Herm’s Software for the images