I know I have been quiet lately. Job, family, and admin responsibilities take a toll on my free time. But while I was out and about yesterday with the family I stopped by my small town’s only AT&T Corporate Store to check out the first “real” Android phone AT&T decided carry, the Samsung Captivate. I knew before I opened the front door what I was going to be greeted by and I wasn’t disappointed. There was a ton of iPhone banners and sales aides everywhere. On the right hand side of the store was two section display devoted to the iPhone. One section was the iPhone 4, and the other was the 3GS. Videos were playing, you know the rest of the story.

I was promptly acknowledged by an AT&T Sales Associate and they asked if they could help me and I told them I wanted to see the Captivate. She pointed to the left side of the store and I headed off to check it out. I am not going to get to deep into the Samsung Captivate ’s specs but to suffice it to say, it is a pretty nice device! Super AMOLED 4 Inch Screen, 1 GHz Processor, only a 5 megapixel camera, and Android 2.1. I walked up to the Captivate and my  first impression was that it is was very small (outside diameter) to have a 4 inch screen. It looked pretty good but had no selling aides like the iPhone 4 had on the other side of the store. As I picked up the Captivate I noticed to the right of it was an iPhone 3GS! WTF?? I thought they had those on the other side! Well, it looks like they are also burying the iPhone 3GS version throughout the store as well. I continued to look down the wall and noticed the HTC Aria (yawn) and a little further down was the AT&T Tilt 2 (dust on it). What a bummer.

So is AT&T finished with their break from Smart Phone Supremacy? I realize they have the iPhone but I think Verizon is cleaning their clocks with new device releases. Granted they are all Android with the Incredible and Droid X, but they still have a decent assortment of devices listed on their website such as the HTC Ozone™, Samsung Saga™ in Gray, Samsung Omnia® II, HTC Imagio™, and the LG Fathom™. Gone from Verizon is their version of the Touch Pro 2.

So what does AT&T need to do to get back in the game? Earlier today David wrote that: AT&T To Receive 8 Million Window Phone 7 Devices and there is rumors that the Dell Streak could be coming as well. Is this enough? We know that AT&T looses it’s exclusive on the iPhone starting the first of next year, so maybe that will be the wake up call to get AT&T to invest in a broader range of high end devices. Let us know what you think!


  1. AHAHAH!!!!! The busy life of a multimedia tycoon, I can see family keeping you busy. Tending to the websites with all the spam out there, I can see that also, but your job keeping you busy,,,,,,,, nah,,, I can’t see it. More likely you want to get to 500 hundred post before David K gets to 1000, if you don’t, he will NEVER let you live it down!!!!!!!!!
    As far as AT&T goes, they always need to be hit with a cattle prod to even stay competitive with the rest of the world. I don’t see them as a front runner in any area for some time to come.

  2. LMAO! Thank’s Bryan! Who’s side are you on anyway! It is not as bad as that when you add in the merged websites like Tilt Mobility posts in. But he still has me. That’s okay, the little terd love’s hanging that over my head so I will let him have his glory! :P

    I think I could make frinds with AT&T again if they bring out a 4.3 inch screen android device and then follow it up with the Dell Streak. But they need to leak something pretty damn quick before I buy it from Dell!!!

    This will hack David off too, unless WP7 comes out with a 4.3 screen, they can keep it. Not going back to a small screen again. :)

  3. It’s interesting how trends change, when I first purchased my Tilt (the first Kaiser Tilt) all the reviews where negative. The Tilt was to big, to heavy or to ugly. Now, the trend is bigger is better and badder. I on the other hand have stayed in the multiple device category, in fact, tablets are the way to go for me(at least for surfing the Internet).
    I am looking forward to the Nokia N8 though, if and when it hits the states, for no other reason than for the USB host ability.

  4. I know why people dish on the Aria, but it’s perfect for my wife.

    So keep slamming it, please. I’m waiting for the price to drop…

  5. AT&T needs to get the Desire and pleeeease don’t mess with it. HTC is making some sweet android phones but you wouldn’t know it if you lived in an AT&T store. I mean the Aria is pretty slick but it is lacking some key hardware specs.

    c’mon aT&T: I have an upgrade discount burning a hole in one pocket, and a 10 lb. Fuze in the other… help a brutha.

  6. @ stefymarty I agree, I’ve been due for an upgrade with At&t since April and have been waiting on a Android device worth the upgrade. I’ve been looking at the Captivate, but the Engadget review says performance is laggy for a 1ghz processor and a Froyo update is not confirmed yet so i’m still waiting.

  7. CNET says that AT&T won’t let you sideload apps on the Samsung Captivate. Sounds like things they would do. I’ll wait until a better Android phone comes out.

  8. Well, The captivate is great, they just need to release a Captivate Pro with the front facing camera and I’ll be on it like a dog in heat

  9. @Ike:

    you can get it on amazon with a contract extension for only $49. i am tempted, but i think i’ll wait juuuust a bit longer.

  10. I just bought a Captivate, and I think I’m going to take it back for one simple reason: no voice dial. How can a high end smartphone not have a feature like that these days? I’m on the road a lot, so I do actually use this 15 year old feature on a regular basis. AT&T’s website claims that it has it, and I was dumb enough to believe it.

    I have to agree with your observation. The Captivate is a very pretty phone, but fails on some basic features, I’m not interested in the iPhone for various reasons, and their best WinMo phone is, what, the Tilt 2? I think I’ll be heading next door to Verizon after returning this guy.

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