imageI’m getting ready to take a trip and that means it’s time to SIM unlock my phone so I can drop in a local SIM if I can get my hands on one. After reading this article on WMExperts I was concerned that I was going to be screwed (even though it is May now) but I figured I’d give it a go anyway. Long story short, if you ask nicely and have some patience they’ll give you an unlock code without a problem. It took some time but they gave me the code and then I asked a crazy question – how do I input the unlock code? After they searched their manuals without any answers and I went through two support people they were proposing to try 4 methods that Samsung has for Android phones. You only get 5 chances at a SIM unlock before it locks to AT&T so before I took that route I wanted to take the obvious route. I popped in a TMo SIM, powered it up and was greeted to a screen that let me enter a pin. Few key presses, the enter key and – unlocked and getting emails over TMo.

So if you want to SIM unlock an AT&T Focus just give big brother a call and they’ll give you a code. It’s that simple. And if you are traveling internationally you’d be out of your mind to pay international fees on a Windows Phone. It’s pretty hard to control data rates (you can’t limit emails to the first 5k like WinMo or turn off background services or anything like that) so getting a local SIM is probably the best route to go…and carry along your old Windows Mobile phone just in case.


  1. Even I got my focus unlocked 2 weeks back, initially I tried to contact them by end of last month, but the CSR said that they will able to give me only after May 8th. They actually called me and gave me unlock code. Sweet of them

  2. @Brianna: nope. if the carrier provides the code it is free so theres almost no reason not to do it just so you have it in case you need it.

  3. So here is a strange question for this… the idea behind this is to limit the cost of data usage/international stuff, right? And also roaming charges? I just remember going on a cruise and my phone worked no problem…

    Also, would you just go buy a GoPhone and swap the cards? or wouldnt you need a “orange” account or whatever the local cell carrier is?

    Oh and miss you DavidK… :)

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