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AT&T Is Providing SIM Unlock Codes For The Focus

imageI’m getting ready to take a trip and that means it’s time to SIM unlock my phone so I can drop in a local SIM if I can get my hands on one. After reading this article on WMExperts I was concerned that I was going to be screwed (even though it is May now) but I figured I’d give it a go anyway. Long story short, if you ask nicely and have some patience they’ll give you an unlock code without a problem. It took some time but they gave me the code and then I asked a crazy question – how do I input the unlock code? After they searched their manuals without any answers and I went through two support people they were proposing to try 4 methods that Samsung has for Android phones. You only get 5 chances at a SIM unlock before it locks to AT&T so before I took that route I wanted to take the obvious route. I popped in a TMo SIM, powered it up and was greeted to a screen that let me enter a pin. Few key presses, the enter key and – unlocked and getting emails over TMo.

So if you want to SIM unlock an AT&T Focus just give big brother a call and they’ll give you a code. It’s that simple. And if you are traveling internationally you’d be out of your mind to pay international fees on a Windows Phone. It’s pretty hard to control data rates (you can’t limit emails to the first 5k like WinMo or turn off background services or anything like that) so getting a local SIM is probably the best route to go…and carry along your old Windows Mobile phone just in case.