A new app appeared in Marketplace from AT&T tonight called AT&T Code Scanner and as expected, it’s a 2D code scanning application. One anomaly is that AT&T could use native access to the phone and thus make a direct call to the camera so that you could ‘live’ scan a code but they didn’t. So the camera opens and you do need to take a picture (instead of it knowing it’s in focus and reading it automatically). The photos do not stay in your camera roll though. Anyway, here are the details:

AT&T Code Scanner reads QR and Data Matrix barcodes that you find on products, in ads or on-line, allowing you to compare product prices, read product reviews, view mobile web sites and video clips, get coupons and discounts or learn more about your favorite products. Make your own personal codes with AT&T Create-A-Code at att.com/createacode and share with friends or post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

– History menu allows for quick reference to your last 100 scans

– Customizable personal profile

– Adjustable sound and vibrate scan settings

– Auto confirmation button for quicker results

I’ve tried it twice and both times it scanned properly and I can see the URL contains the code but it fails to load the webpage. The url it creates does have location data (since I enabled that) but disabling it does not change the ‘page not found’ results. The url also has phone data information in it Anyway, it’s free and in marketplace and I’m hoping that they have something they need to turn on over on their side to make this dang thing work but share your findings if you try it out. For now just look in the new apps – it isn’t in the AT&T category yet.


  1. I have a Surround and I have never gotten any of the barcode scanner apps to work because of the crappy camera. What phone are you using?

  2. @Dwight2001: Focus. The ‘proper’ way to take a photo is to half press, let it focus and then full press. For barcode purposes that’s probably the way to go. Oh and turn off the flash and just stay in a room with some light.
    For taking photos of regular objects – two options – 1. just press the button quickly and then you’re using the autofocus that’s occuring or 2. half press at a random object to prefocus and then full rpess when you’re on the subject. The method of looking at a subject, half pressing and then full pressing fails in reality if the object is moving at all so I think that’s the worst thing to do unless it’s something like a QR code 6″ away…

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