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Mango Doesn’t Send Location Data To MS Erroneously

I have to say I was never into the MS version of location-gate because it seemed like the only reason location data was being sent to MS was effectively a glitch in the camera turning on and making a background call and MS wasn’t saving this data. Anyway, it’s over. Rafael Rivera has tested his Mangoized phone and the conclusion:

I have confirmed that Windows Phone “Mango” no longer sends location data prior to being granted permission to do so. The behavior I’m now seeing is perfectly aligned with Microsoft’s letter to the U.S. House of Representatives

He does note that Mango was released to manufacturers on July 26 and the court case was filed August 31 so the ‘fix’ was already prepared before the court filing occurred.

Anyway, nothing to see here. Oh and of course, great work again by Rivera.