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OK Microsoft, You Didn’t Release Skype in the Fall For Window Phones So What’s the Deal Already?

Rafael Rivera reminded us of Microsoft’s announcement from Mix11:

Before I go to the demos, a great example app that we’ve been excited to work with a partner on is Skype. If you think about Skype as a whole experience, it wants to have great networking support, it wants to be able to have access to the contact data on the phone. It wants to have a user experience that integrates and looks nice, and we’ve had a terrific working relationship with the folks at Skype, and we’re excited to see Skype come to the platform this fall when all these sorts of additional enhancements are available.

Wait when? Right, this fall, as in the thing that’s now behind as. That was on April 13 and on May 10 Microsoft went public on its intention to buy Skype, which closed on October 13. It was assumed that Skype would be released as a standalone app (like Tango) with integration into the contacts list and in an OS iteration we’d get complete Skype integration (similar to how Messenger is in the Messaging hub so it would be fully integrated and not an app). Of course, what we got is a handful of nothing. The Skype merger should have expedited the release of Skype for Windows Phone but that’s clearly not the case. We also know that Microsoft worked with Tango to release Tango for Windows Phones for goodies like hardware acceleration and it’s clearly possible to release that type of standalone app with contacts integration.

What we don’t know is when, and in what form, we should expect Skype to be available. Total radio silence. And while this happens Tango is gaining traction and increasing user signups. Not a thing happened on the Skype-Microsoft front (another in the list of things we need to wait a year on for Windows 8 integration) but Microsoft’s own mobile OS is the only platform you can’t get it on. I think we deserve a response from Microsoft and a clear answer as to when this app is finally coming. The loyal base has waited a long time and we’re well past the initial announced release date. If there’s no transparency then there’s mistrust and for a platform that needs its base to be as firm and supportive as possible then there needs to be more openness and honesty. We just want the truth.

We’re pretty forgiving but don’t jerk us around too long…