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AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G commercial part 2 “Eagle Spot”

I think it is pretty  safe to say that the last attempt by AT&T to market the Samsung Infuse 4G was not met with a lot of fan favor by our readers. (Click here to see it) Overwhelmingly everyone has hated the commercial except for the few guys who thought the girl screaming from the spider was hot. So what does the AT&T media team have to follow up a tarantula with? How about an eagle!

In this commercial we have two boys sitting on a park bench admiring the video clarity of the Samsung Infuse 4G watching a goldfish swimming and making some ripples that would make it seem it was inside the device itself. Out of nowhere an eagle swoops down and takes the Infuse 4G from it’s rightful owner and speeds off to take it’s meal. The two boys left dumbfounded over the event that just transpired.

So what do you think? Better than the spider? Where it is nowhere near as annoying, it also nowhere near as rememberable!