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Dell Streak now $400 Unlocked save $180

dellstreaksalethumbIf you are in the market for a very good tablet then add the Dell Streak to your wish list. The 5inch Tablet phone is now $400 dollars from the fine folks at Dell unlocked and ready to go. That’s 180 dollars off the original price. The catch? Well, you won’t have it until after the first of the year and the $400 dollar Streak will come pre loaded with Android 1.6 on it, but an update after first use to Android 2.2 (Froyo) will happen over the air. The update is easy as you can see here:

If you want to see how Froyo will look on the streak then check this out as well:

I still really like this device and think it is an excellent choice. I have played with the iPad and like the device, but that get’s you into a whole new size of big. The Streak is still “pocket able” and offers a very nice user experience with Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and Emails.

Head on over to Dell and check it out and get yours before the sale ends.

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