It’s not exactly the best news Windows Phone users are looking for right now, but those looking for the famed “NoDo” update can stop compulsively checking Zune for at least a few more weeks. While the NoDo update has indeed begun to roll out, a new support page launched by Microsoft makes it rather clear that the carriers are holding up the updates, and not them. All of the current AT&T devices are listed in “Testing,” phase 1 of the update process. Once the updates clear testing, they then move into scheduling, which “typically lasts 10 days or less,” and then the actual delivery state, which “might take several weeks.” With international carriers setting rough April dates for the NoDo update, this all but confirms a Windows Phone user’s worst fear, and keeps them wondering if the Mango update (Multitasking, IE9) will really be on phones by Christmas. Fortunately, there is some good news for HD7 and Venue Pro users, as their version of the update is now in the ‘scheduling’ phase, meaning it should be available in the next few weeks.

For a more exact timetable (and a new thing to compulsively hit refresh on), check out the following links:

”Where’s my phone update” – USA
”Where’s my phone update” – International


  1. What the hell has the last 7 months been? Hell I’ll cut them some slack – the last 3 weeks? We blamed it on the carriers last time. Looks like it was MS then and now they’re just handing over the complete code to carriers so if there’s blame to be had, it’s MS for holding on to this forever. Weak weak stuff. Not to be impatient, but again, they really need someone to light a fire under their ass and a rollout of this caliber isn’t inspiring.

  2. @DavidK: The loss of potential sales should be enough to light that fire.

    Realistically, it’s all the same to the carriers though (they do make more money with tethering/extended plans on iOS and Android however) , so it makes no difference to them other than having a small portion of their customer base upset over something so trivial.

  3. Sweet! At least tmo US is actually going to get the update soon. Wasn’t expecting anything soon since Deutsch Telecom(tmo’s parent company) wasn’t planning on releasing until the end of april. Sucks that AT&T is still testing though…

  4. @John: really? did you share the same impatience for that iphone update that fixed the gaping security flaw in the lock screen? funny how there wasn’t much of a community lash back for that. Always glad to see things like cut and paste demand the better half of attention.

    PS. repeat iphone security flaw comment X2 as it happened twice. o_0

  5. So David K, you still think that the possibility of Mango not making it out onto phones in 2011 is absurd?

  6. @ramon trotman:

    Its quite obvious no one is clamouring for the update just for copy and paste. Just now again on my Dell venue pro while using IE my phone froze completely, all buttons unresponsive, no option but to hold the power button down to reboot. THAT is why I want the update, the chance that issues like this will be fixed on my phone, not just stupid copy and paste. Dont try and downplay the fact that real issues need to be resolved on WP7 while trying to paint MS as some kind of hero because the iphone also had an unpatched flaw for a period of time.

  7. @efjay: You need to chill. I’ve read what Ramon said and definitely not taking it in a way to get all pumped up like you’re getting. Furthermore, you’re describing something that I’ve never seen on my phone. There’s a possibility that this update WON’T fix your problem. You’re problem could be with Dell, which would be the less bit surprising.

  8. It’s good MS is doing this. Even though people are inherently dumb as bag of mud and will still hold to their brain-dead, sheep-like opinions and place all the blame on MS it’s good to see the blame placed where it belongs.

  9. When iphone messed up there was nothing else better at the time. WP7 phone doesn’t have this same luxury. They need to perform better because there are better products on the market. Also I don’t remember an iphone update missing by 3+ months, that is just not acceptable.

  10. i am really trying to avoid writing up something on this because i will be pointing fingers at every one…and it very well might expose how much of a microsoft fanboy i am :)

    but yea….updates are never an easy thing. EVER! apple fumbles….google fumbles and now microsoft is fumbling. and they all fumble in different ways and for different reasons.

    its very important that we all understand how microsoft plays this game. they chose to include the carriers in the games. Apple didnt, and so they do what they want when they want. google ultimately goes through the exact same thing MS is going through right now. yet, no one complains when they dont get an update that was pushed to the nexus 1 6 months before…oh wait…they do!!!! hmmmmmm

    for what its worth…i am running nodo on my hd7 now…..and the speed of the update will make you all very happy. so just hang in there a bit longer…it’ll be worth your while.

  11. If/when it releases I will try it out and may go back if I like it. I got sick of waiting and moved back to iPhone 3GS. It is sad that I moved back to a 2.5 year old phone and I like it better than the focus. Show just how far behind MS really is :(

  12. I don’t understand why everyone is seeing this as bad for MS. Seems like they are basically saying “Ask your carrier WTF is going on”.

    John, this update made you go back to a 2.5 year old phone? Seriously. Just say you missed your iPhone.

  13. Far behind is a perception thing. From my side of the fense, having a phone that is unable to remove a single call from the call log without clearing the entire log is far behind. Having a smartphone that is unable to dismiss pop up text messages and notifactions on the lock screen without unlocking the device is far behind. Having a mobile platform that is locked down to one type of device, form factor and a select few service carriers is far behind. These are all things that makes the iPhone sad. So very sad. But then again….its all perspective….right?

  14. The fact that they are late on their first update made my confidence in WP7 go down. So yeah it did make me switch back. If the update was out a couple of weeks ago, I would not have switched back.

  15. @John:

    Doubt it…if you really liked the phone the delay wouldn’t even matter.

    Now if they botch up the next updates, then we will have a problem. I want my Mango! =)

  16. @efjay: For whatever it’s worth to you, SD card replacement trick has worked like a charm for me on my DVP. I still haven’t had an IE lock up, on or off Wi-Fi (it’s been about 2 weeks now).

    Now, the interesting question comes up again, would you prefer many sweeping bug fixes and minor updates or 2 large ones a year (not really talking about WP7, I’m thinking more like the Xbox 360)?

    Security holes are security holes, however. If you say you fixed something, it shouldn’t come back. Don’t make this into a “the grass is greener on the other side” convo, efjay.

  17. @ramon:

    In as much as I see where you are going with this, let me correct somethings:

    iOS supports more than one type of device (iPhone, iPod and iPad).
    “Supported by a few carriers” is not the case in the UK and other parts of the world. Just the US.

    With that being said, I fuggin hate when people say any current gen OS is far behind anything for numerous reasons.

  18. Wasn’t there some crazy agreement between ms and carriers regarding updates? Thought we read somewhere that an update could only be held so long before the following update could go forward. We under the impression that an update (Feb) couldn’t be delayed before the next (nodo). Is all of this a breach of contract on the part of the carriers (att)?

  19. Finally got my notification for February pre-nodo update. According to Microsoft’s Where’s my phone update? website, the No-Do update for me is in “Scheduling” phase.

  20. I’m not shocked. AT&T always seem to take on the attitude that if it isn’t iPhone, it’s not really a priority. I hope they step up.

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