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AT&T still ‘testing’ NoDo on all WP7 models, HD7 & Venue Pro updates coming soon


It’s not exactly the best news Windows Phone users are looking for right now, but those looking for the famed “NoDo” update can stop compulsively checking Zune for at least a few more weeks. While the NoDo update has indeed begun to roll out, a new support page launched by Microsoft makes it rather clear that the carriers are holding up the updates, and not them. All of the current AT&T devices are listed in “Testing,” phase 1 of the update process. Once the updates clear testing, they then move into scheduling, which “typically lasts 10 days or less,” and then the actual delivery state, which “might take several weeks.” With international carriers setting rough April dates for the NoDo update, this all but confirms a Windows Phone user’s worst fear, and keeps them wondering if the Mango update (Multitasking, IE9) will really be on phones by Christmas. Fortunately, there is some good news for HD7 and Venue Pro users, as their version of the update is now in the ‘scheduling’ phase, meaning it should be available in the next few weeks.

For a more exact timetable (and a new thing to compulsively hit refresh on), check out the following links:

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