Hope the title clarified enough but Microsoft and AT&T are running a promotion now and if you buy a Windows Phone between 5/1 and 6/26 you get 3 months of Zune Pass for free. “A 3-month Zune Pass gives you access to music from the over 11 Million (US) songs in Zune Marketplace. You can download music to your Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360 console or PC. Plus you can download 10 free songs a month to keep.” I still think it should come with every phone regardless, but it’s still a good promotion.

The link is here. The FAQ does state you only have 30 days from the date of purchase to redeem it.


  1. Just a heads up. I purchased my windows phone In Feb and i was still able to get the three months free.

  2. I, on the other hand, bought an HD7S from AT&T and it works great, but says “insert a valid IMEI”, over and over as I make sure that what is on the box is what is on the computer.

    And when I applied for my Zune pass the day you posted the blog on this issue I used a different e-mail address and the IMEI “took” but no Zune or MS email followed with the codes.

    Ah, Well, good thing I don’t play music on my phone. But I do use Zune for sync and that works ok.

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