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Official MS Facebook App Appears In Windows Phone Market

Just browsing Zune marketplace for Windows Phone and Facebook is here. Even though Windows Phone is arguably a Facebook phone, I can still see a need for people to view Facebook in the traditional way. The description:

Facebook for Windows Phone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. You can post status updates, check your news feed, review your upcoming events, mange your inbox, upload photos, publish notes, accept friends requests, and look at your friends’ photos, walls and info.

And here are the screenshots:

And yes, it is free and Microsoft is the developer (just like they were for the WM 6.5 app). So far it has 3 of 5 stars but that’s because there are only 4 ratings, one that admires the fresh interface and one that lies the UI but notes that it’s ‘sluggish when scrolling’. These ratings are presumably from devs on non-final hardware/software though so it’s not necessarily indicative of how it will work for you. Anyway, do you like what you see? Is it missing anything you need?