AT&T’s HD7S website has this image on it:

Notice what happens in landscape mode? Yeah, that’s what it should look like but that’s not what happens. Hey MS, your partners keep getting this wrong. If you just updated WP7 and had that layout you’d make them (and us) very happy.


  1. lmao, i wondered who was going to bring that up first. Naturally, I thought Paul Thurrott would, so I check his site and I didn’t see anything, I come back here and wha-da-ya-know?

  2. @Davidk: MaryJo Foley “A few of us heard March 21 from folks claiming to know. MS is still only saying latter half of this month”

  3. I assumed this meant that these were supported in the next update, NoDo, which comes with this phone.

  4. Isn’t great that at&t gets the no do update and the rest of us don’t ? Great job at #$%&, us over Microsoft…

    / Edit when at&t gets that HD7S I truly believe I will look for that super LCD screen to put on my T-Mobile HD7 :)

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