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Is Nokia going to unveil Laptop too?

Most of us know that Nokia is going to announce a tablet with Windows RT and a Windows Phone phablet. I used phablet because lack of proper word to describe a large phone with 5+” screen size, and it seems industry started using that word, even though I really don’t like that word. Yesterday Nokia gave a teaser on their conversations site with a photo, and a caption “Watch the action on your screen of choice.” Please notice, the first one is a larger phone (phablet) or the rumored Lumia 1520, second one is rumored 2520 or the Sirius Tablet running Windows RT, and 3rd one? It looks like a laptop or it could be a hybrid with detachable keyboard running Windows 8.1. And on the conversations site they have mentioned “This time around we also have an extra treat in the form of a second round of webcasts, after the main announcement.” Is the laptop/hybrid the extra treat?


What do you think?


Source: Nokia Conversations

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