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Jessica Alba Rocks Windows Phone. iPhone Gets The Credit


After Microsoft trotted out Jessica Alba out on stage today for the big Windows Phone 8 launch event praising Windows Phone and her Nokia Lumia haters of the mobile platform took to Twitter to debunk the actuality of Jessica Alba making the switch from the iPhone. So I decided to do a little perusing of the Twitterverse and came across at least one instance of the iPhone being credited in a photo when in fact it was a Windows Phone.

Upon further inspection the familiar, striking white and chrome phone was confirmed to be a Samsung Focus 2, not the iPhone as the text clearly states as such. Newsflash media, the iPhone does not own exclusive rights to a bright white beauty of a phone.

So maybe, just maybe Jessica was actually telling the truth when extolling the virtues of Windows Phone. Sure its hard to believe that anybody would turn away from the Apple juggernaut but its happened before and will again in the future. Stranger things have happened and getting the latest and greatest tech gifted to you shouldn’t make much of a difference. All I want is credit where credit is due and in this case that’s the Samsung Focus 2 doing an admirable job of catching Jessica’s precious family moments.