Paul Thurrott of Supersite for Windows has tweeted that the Audible for Windows Phone 7 app is due April 23rd, one week from today. As someone who just traversed over 3,000 miles in a 48 hour timespan I can assure you that this app is very welcome. Not everyone will have much use for the audio book service but for someone who travels a lot and likes to have something to educate and/or entertain them this is what I like to call a high value asset.

With the arrival of Audible the checklist of popular apps gets another notch for the platform. When combined with Overdrive & Amazon Kindle the reading experience on the platform is first class.

Here is to hoping the date holds true and we have a double up with Skype being released next week as well.

I’m interested to know if you use Audible and if you don’t would it coming to the windows Phone platform entice you to try it out.


  1. I’ve looked at it a bit, but for financial reasons I haven’t subscribed yet. That could always change in the future.

  2. I just Audible and the fact that it has been missing from Windows Phone 7 has been a major annoyance to me since I got my phone. I just hope that the Windows Phone 7 App is of better quality than the Zune App. The only thing I could say about the Zune app was that at least it existed. The iPhone/iPod app is and was superior.

  3. Couldn’t disagree more with John. I find the Zune app MUCH better than not only iTunes, but also Audible. I like having everything there I need, and paying a flat fee and download everything I want to listen to. And pretty much the concensus I’ve read, is how superior the Zune experience is over Apple’s. I’m glad Audible is coming if it appeals to the masses, but I have no need for it. The out of the box experience I have with Zune is fantastic.

  4. @Carin. What? ??? I was talking about how the audible app for iPhone compared to the audible app for Zune and expressing the hope that the audible app for Windows 7 was better than the audible app for Zune because it wasn’t particularly good particularly when compared to the audible app for iPhone/iPod.

    I don’t know why you brought that to a comparison of iTunes vs. Zune Pass vs. audible. First and foremost you can’t compare iTunes and Zune Pass to audible because audible is an audio book service and iTunes and Zune Pass only have very basic audiobook availability on them (though I do love the stand up available through Zune Pass).

    That being said, I do like Zune Pass. I use my WP7 and Zune pass to connect by Bluetooth to my car stereo and get live streaming of almost any music I like via that system. Further at parties, I use my Xbox and turn on smart DJ to never have the same playlist and have a playlist that never ends.

    However, regardless of my favor for Zune Pass and without saying anything about my feelings for iTunes. I still hope the Audible App for Win Phone 7 isn’t Crap because the one for Zune was pretty bad.

  5. I use Audible a lot these days… and can’t wait for it to Launch!!
    I previously had an old battered iPhone stored in the car, so I could listen to Audible… but now it can go in the bin! :-)

  6. I’ve been an Audible subscriber for years. I now put my Audible books on my Kindle, and on my Creative Zen mp3 player. I subscribe to the monday-thru-friday audio NY Times. Like the others in this group, I am looking forward to audible on WP7.

    And I really enjoy the WP7 (lumia 900).

  7. Audible has been saying for MONTHS that this was coming. At this point (and I check for it several times a day), I do not believe Audible is ever planning on releasing a Windows Phone app. Which is unfortunate, as it is leading me to go to OverDrive instead.

  8. We are never, ever going to get an Audible or Grooveshark app. However, my Windows Phone HD7 was and continues to be a first rate paper weight. Whatever you do, just don’t try to turn it on or massive depression will overtake you.

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