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Audible For Windows Phone 7 Arriving Next Week?


Paul Thurrott of Supersite for Windows has tweeted that the Audible for Windows Phone 7 app is due April 23rd, one week from today. As someone who just traversed over 3,000 miles in a 48 hour timespan I can assure you that this app is very welcome. Not everyone will have much use for the audio book service but for someone who travels a lot and likes to have something to educate and/or entertain them this is what I like to call a high value asset.

With the arrival of Audible the checklist of popular apps gets another notch for the platform. When combined with Overdrive & Amazon Kindle the reading experience on the platform is first class.

Here is to hoping the date holds true and we have a double up with Skype being released next week as well.

I’m interested to know if you use Audible and if you don’t would it coming to the windows Phone platform entice you to try it out.