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Fruit Ninja Profits $250k On Windows Phone 7

Fruit Ninja is one of the Xbox Live games for Windows Phones and it currently sits in the #2 position of paid games overall. So how does that equate to sales? The developer went on record saying he’s sold in the “high tens of thousands” and the app sells for $3 so we’re talking about something in the $250k range for two months of sales. Is that a huge number? Not at all. iOS can make you more money. But it’s more than respectable for a new platform and relative to a lot of Android apps (which have moved to ad based as a general theme since sales are tough on the platform) it’s a decent figure. SFGate notes that these figures are in line with initial iPad app sales, and that’s not bad company to keep.

So it’s not a million dollar platform yet, unless the #1 selling game PacMan (really people) which is $5 a pop managed to double sales of Fruit Ninja. Alright Microsoft, get that update out, maybe get some CDMA devices…keep it moving.

via San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate

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