Surface Book: The 2 in 1 That Should Replace Your Laptop

  …and maybe your tablet. Back in early October I was pretty happy with my Yoga 2. It basically met all my needs; good processor, reasonable battery life, nice keyboard and screen. But when I saw [...]

Thanks…….for nothing, Dell

In preparation for the arrival of Windows 10 in July, I dropped $1,050 on two touch monitors for my home and office desktop PCs. A comfortable 23” for home and a beautiful 27” for the office, [...]

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Reviewers can be real dumb asses sometimes… (MobilityLeaks)

Today I decided it was time to get a new carry case for the new toy arriving on Monday. I have been using this old Samsonite case (see below) to tote around my laptops, along with [...]

Holy mAh Batman; Has Microsoft Finally Figured Out How to Conserve Battery Power

Not sure exactly when it happened, but most recently all of my battery powered Windows 10 devices are enjoying peaceful sleep in their respective bags. After installing Windows 10, they all experienced some quick draining which [...]

Will Microsoft Fix Windows 10 Mail?

It’s been 12 days since the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest attempt to satisfy the masses with a modern, touch friendly OS. It’s also been more than six months since millions of users, testers, have [...]

Brother MFC-J6920DW: A Lot of Printer for the Price

About a year ago in an effort to reduce costs, my small business employer decided to trade in the lease on our brute Canon Office Copier/Printer. It did all the things you would expect an office [...]

Ten Things I Like (and a few I don’t) About Windows 10

Like most of the tech savvy world, I have been rocking with Windows 10 since early morning of July 29th. Well actually, much longer than that with the Windows Developer Preview. But until just a few [...]

Reach Out And Touch Your Windows

I don’t recall what year it was, maybe 2003 or 2004, but I remember watching a video of Bill Gates giving a keynote address at some event. Without the aid of props or Power Point, he [...]

Windows 10: 46 Days To Go

Tick….tick….tick…. Judging by my experience with Slow Ring Windows 10 Preview Build 10130 yesterday, I am beginning to grow just a tad nervous. Well ok, more than a tad. I understand that these are preview builds [...]