SHAREit from Lenovo

Just got an interesting email from Lenovo featuring a new program called SHAREit, that can be installed on any; iOS, Android or Windows (x86) machine. Sorry, no WP or Windows Store apps yet. Seriously, are you [...]

Microsoft’s Daily Challenge

Mobility Digest’s internal staffnotify mail is a constant flow of chatter relating to one subject or another. Often times it has been shared with our readers as “Mobility Leaks”. One common theme that has been popping [...]

Hotmail Data Missing Again!

  Back on June 13th I reported that several of my Hotmail records had been altered or deleted on my phone, and subsequently on all my Windows connected devices. Actually, there were a total of (5) [...]

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard

After a less than successful first try at a portable BT keyboard for my 8” Asus tablet, I decided to step up a bit and try the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard. Although it costs a full [...]

OneNote in the Classroom

I was really happy when Microsoft decided to make OneNote free for everyone. I have been using it since 2003 and it’s still my favorite Microsoft program. If your child learns nothing else about computing, they [...]

One Drive Increases Storage to 15GB – 1TB for Office 365 Users

Looks like Microsoft is increasing online storage for new and existing users. Standard OneDrive accounts will grow fro 7GB to 15GB. And Office 365 subscribers; Home, Personal & University, will grow to 1TB per user. Wow. [...]

Windows Losing The Tablet Wars?

As long as retailers keep comparing budget Android tablets to “fully capable light duty” laptop replacements. Where’s the Dell Venue 8? The Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer and Asus 8″ offerings. I know most purchasing decisions are made [...]

Anker Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

I swore I would never use a keyboard with an 8” tablet, but I must have had my fingers crossed behind my back. While I used my Acer, and now my Asus 8” tablet mostly for [...]

Microsoft: Where did my Contact go?

Last night, I got an email with some bad news that I needed to forward to a couple relatives. As I went to forward the message on my Lumia 1020 I was confused when I didn’t [...]

The Great ASUS VivoTab Note 8 Mystery

  I have been sporting my ASUS Note 8 for a about three months now, shortly after it was re-launched and the 64GB variant became available. This nice little 8” tablet was originally announced at CES [...]