Fanbois and Smartphone Myths

Biggest Smartphone Myth: The biggest myth ever spread in the modern mobile tech era is that Android is for those who prefer to customize their phones. Seeing reviewers perpetuate this myth is tiresome at best, indicates [...]

HTC One M8 for Windows Phone Immediate Launch Impressive

The fact that HTC could announce their latest Windows Phone flagship One (M8) for Windows Phone and actually have the device in stores less than a week later is beyond impressive, if it happens. It marks [...]

Android Tablets Grow In Popularity

Android tablet market share has grown once again. Strategy Analytics announced today that global tablet shipments reached 52.9 million units. Growth was fueled mainly by devices using Google’s Android operating system. Android tablet sales rose 11 [...]

Five Ways Smartphones Embody Indepedence Day

#1 Getting Things That Matter Done, Wherever I Am Having a smartphone that can act as my official note taker is worth its weight in gold (or any other valuable metal of your choosing). So which [...]

My Tech Situation–June 2014

I write so much I just have those times when I stop altogether. Not out of boredom or out of frustration but out of love. As much as I identify myself as many things the one [...]

SurfacePro 3 Pen Accuracy Helped By Microsoft Research

The moment I saw the presentation unveiing the Surface Pro 3 I had a gnawling feeling that I’ve seen something before from Microsoft that serves as the basis for the improved Pen response time. Having scoured [...]

Surface Pro 3 360 Degree Thoughts

There is always something to be said for having the gumption to stick to your guns. Microsoft’s unveiling of the latest and greatest in their Surface family of products, the Surface Pro 3, shows that the [...]

Apple For You, You, And Everyone

Did you hear? The new iPhone is coming. Watching the nightly local news for the first time in maybe years I go a front row seat at a featured story on how the iPhone 6 is [...]

Live Websites Coming To Windows Phone 8.1

There is a mountain of information in the breakout sessions that took place during Build 2014. One of the sessions that piqued my interest was Live Tile Enhancements. One of the things that I can say [...]

Samsung: The Refined

The moment you are defined by expectations you have two choices, please yourself or attempt to please everyone else. Samsung met the increasingly unrealistic expectations head on with a big dose of refinement that reinforces their [...]