Live Websites Coming To Windows Phone 8.1

There is a mountain of information in the breakout sessions that took place during Build 2014. One of the sessions that piqued my interest was Live Tile Enhancements. One of the things that I can say [...]

Samsung: The Refined

The moment you are defined by expectations you have two choices, please yourself or attempt to please everyone else. Samsung met the increasingly unrealistic expectations head on with a big dose of refinement that reinforces their [...]

Xbox Video and Xbox Music Windows Phone Apps Released

Xbox Video and Xbox Music Preview are standalone apps that continue Microsoft’s push to bring their ecosystem up to speed. Xbox Video will allow Windows Phone 8 users the chance to buy or rent from a [...]

Instagram Introduces New Instagram Direct Feature

This morning Instagram pulled the curtains back to reveal their newest feature aimed at making Instagram a more personal social sharing platform. They call it Instagram Direct, a way of sharing photos and videos with those [...]

Microsoft Holiday Dell Venue 8 Pro Brings Lines To Stores

Tis the season to spend your money wisely. Today is Day 1 of Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals. The Dell Venue 8 Pro is on sale for $199, a $100 savings from the regular retail price. [...]

How To Create A Xbox Music Playlist on Windows Phone 8

I know that I’m not the only one who had been met with frustration while listening to a catchy song and trying to save that song to a Xbox Music playlist only to be met with [...]

Win8 Touch screen laptops first impressions

Short answer is they are awesome. Sometimes you just want to reach out and interact with what you see. I’m instantly hooked on the touch & type experience. Combined with a well built keyboard on Ultrabooks [...]

HTC Droid DNA to Receive Android & Sense 5 Update

It seems like the Droid DNA is the bastard, lost child that HTC wished never existed. Owners of the Verizon branded device can take solace in the fact the underappreciated Android device is getting updated to [...]

Dell Venue 8 Pro Wifi Sleep Issue?

There is no question Dell hit a solid triple with their 8-inch Venue 8 Pro Windows 8 mini-tablet. A great value at $299 indeed. No device is without its quirks and the Venue 8 Pro is [...]

Microsoft’s Greatest Windows 8 Problem

Windows 8 (now 8.1) is out and vastly improved from the version that landed in consumers hands a year ago. Sadly Microsoft and OEM partners face a new hurdle to getting the much improved OS offering [...]