Hey, you hear about this bad Woody Allen stuff today? Well buddy you can google that on your own time because I want to get into that right now because I’m all exited and fired up about some Python/Bash script, if you don’t mind:

python-autojump-friendshipWhile I was fiddling with Python the other day and cruising Github (‘cuz I’m into that) I came across a real gem called Autojump, a lifesaver for command line junkies. You install it, peace of cake, then as you use your system and change directories, it learns where in your filesystem you cd toward the most frequently.

And here’s the magic: The next time you need to go any of the directories it learned, all you have to do is type j and the directory name, but just the final child directory name, omitting all the parents it’s buried underneath.

Almost done explaining it, be cool: So you install it, then you cd /var/www/mobilitydigest/wordpress/wp-content/themes/modularity/ , right? Ain’t nobody got time for arthritis, so next time you want to mess with that theme, just type j modularity and Autojump drops you straight there. That’s crazy!

Man I love this thing. It works on Linux, OS X and Windows, as long as you have Python (which you really ought to have anyway), and either Bash, zsh, fish or clink. Here’s the link, my bro.

Doug Simmons


  1. That sounds really handy (if you’re into that sort of thing). No seriously, handy stuff you came across there. Autojump was it? I’ll be sure to bookmark it so that when I have a moment when the world isn’t in chaos around me I can take a crack at it. Good stuff.

  2. Never thought I would see a Simmons article with multiple typos/grammar errors.
    New phone keyboard? Too many beers? The world wants to know.

  3. Jim: Glancing at it I’m not seeing any errors that weren’t intentional (you’ve got to know the rules to break them). And, pathetically, I only had weird plum wine on hand that our local Japanese joint gave us for being such good customers, which is about as lame on my part as the Bronco’s performance, forgetting to stock up on beer. Ran out of the wine so I took my ol’ lady out to the worse but closer Japanese joint during the halftime show mainly to put away some sake. I went in thinking I’d get a big Saporo but it just didn’t happen, went with the sake (cold).

    Ram, Murani: It sounds simple, just a thing that keeps track of directories basically, but it has 27 authors, 37 contributors, 39 releases over five years. It was simple on Linux but I’m trying to light it up (git, Python, Clink and Bash) on Windows. I don’t know why maybe over half the things I do on computers are easier and faster to do on a Linux shell than Windows.. maybe it’s because I don’t know Powershell.

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