Bitbop is offering on-demand streaming tv for just $10/month, commercial free, for all you can consume, but you can try one week (up to 3 shows) for free. You can stream over wifi/3G/4G and they even allow ‘temporary downloads’ (presumably so you can watch them on a plane for example but you don’t own the content). It covers a range of shows on a range of channels from Fox, CBS, NBC, Discovery, Comedy, Spike, etc. If you’re thinking about this check out their list of networks and shows to see if they have what you like but they seem to cover the big shows. Right now the Android phones that are compatible are: Droid (1, 2 and X), Galaxy S (Fascinate, Epic and Vibrant), Nexus One, Evo and Droid Incredible, as well as Blackberry but that’s been out for a while. They also intend to add movies later in the year ($1-$5 per movie). Anyway, if you don’t have a tv-tuner built into your PC and sync it up, this may be a good option for some of you.


  1. I’m wary of anything consuming my battery heavily, something involving the screen staying on with data streaming around, decompressing video and audio and whatever else, whether the phone’s plugged in or not as even if it’s not it still adds miles to the battery fast and those babies ain’t cheap. Generally don’t even use the live wallpapers even though I’ve got one really good one that I even paid a few bucks for.

    But I’d change my tune if Howard Stern would lighten up and let Sirius stream his show to phones. Not simple to relay the feed from your computer — though doable.

  2. All relative Doug. Extended battery – about $69 – Life expectancy – about 12 months. That’s a bit less than $0.19 per day, equivilant to a (very) small handful of M&M’s or about half a cigarette in NYC. Good inspiration to kick the habit.

  3. If you are so worried about your battery doug just take it out and plug ur phone directly into the wall, ur phone still works normally yet with no battery drainage:)

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