Apparently Blake Griffin’s frozen iPhone was so bad that he was seeking help from Bill Gates:

Instead Brandon Watson stepped up to the plate and is sending Blake and his brother a Windows Phone:

I still like the strategy to get these into celebs hands. You?


  1. If Blake likes the phone, this could be a really big score for Windows Phone. He is extremely popular and NBA fans are sheep.

    Also what’s funny is that he did an AT&T commercial this year for the Atrix. Conflicted much?

  2. As long as he doesn’t do a commercial for Windows Phone in the same 12 month period (I think) there are no actual legal conflicts. And, considering he owns an iphone not an Atrix, well that oughta tell ya whatever ya need to know.

  3. I just tweeted out that my iPhone was frozen, currently waiting with Bated Breath for Brandon Watson to step up.

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  5. Brandon Watson just gets it. I’ve been saying from the start that Microsoft should have spent a couple million on plastering their phones into the hands of all the top celebs and sports stars. Way too many followers that would by whatever the celebs are trending on to not devote resources to it.

    This is how startups think and Brandon is a career startup guy. Nicely done!!!

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