For all that Microsoft’s Blue represents, the most significant change it will bring is actually it’s tight integration with Intel and their new Haswell line of chips that are going to drop around June as well. Why is this such a big deal?  Intel’s CEO calls Haswell “the single largest generation-to-generation battery life improvement in Intel history”.  And Microsoft and Intel are rumored to be working extremely closely together on this release.  This means chips in the i5 ranges with battery life of the Atom category. Imagine the next Surface coming at 9+ hour battery life and without any performance hitch (in fact it’s about 7% faster than current chips). And this is dropping in June. Add to this 7” form factors.

Snap view is cool and all, but this is where the meat is.


  1. Just imagine the Surface Pro with anywhere near that type of battery life. If i’m an OEM like ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, etc I am building machines that can continue to mimic the tablet form factor.

    The changes Windows Blue is providing Windows 8 shows an even more touch friendly and intuitive UI. Finding all apps is now a one gesture swipe up from the bottom instead of two step process. The improved snap feature will be great too for multitasking.

  2. good call on that one, this one slipped my radar too. i suppose price points will stay the same?

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