“My name is Brandon Watson, and I am currently responsible for the Developer Experience team for Windows Phone 7. That means I work on developer marketing, our developer platform products, and have a real focus/passion on new opportunities, specifically around developer enablement and mobile”

That was his role and he was great at it. A nice guy and really led at making a name for himself and his company and leading by example.

According to ZDNet:

It’s not just any job at Amazon, either. Watson is going to be the Director of the Kindle Cross Platform team. There he will be working on the product development roadmap for Kindle apps across all first- and third-party platforms worldwide, including the Windows Phone app and the Windows 8 app.

And this is why I thought it was a bad idea that he was using a Kindle two months ago…it infected his mind!

We wish him the best of luck.


  1. Brandon is the one guy I thought could almost single handedly change the fortunes of Windows Phone. He was that great at what he did. Amazon has made an amazing hire and I wish him the best of luck.

    All other Android vendors are in trouble and its more clear than ever that Amazon wants to rule.

    I believe this was made possible, in part, because of the kernel switching out to be in line with Windows 8. That means that the Windows development division and developer relations teams will be taking the lead with devs pushing W8 dev and WP8 development.

    Many devs will start developing for W8 first and then porting their apps to WP8 and a few notable, successful devs on the WP7 platform has already stated this the route they are switching to.

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