Google Quietly Kills Anti-SafeSearch Porno Service Too

So many of us had grown attached to the contradictory search porn trick on Google Search and Google Images whereby if you searched for something impossible like title -"title 4" you'd...

White House Distances Itself from Readergate

Among the many popular petitions floating around was one of those presidential petitions to the White House calling on Obama to encourage Google to reconsider killing Reader, which I thought was...

Google damnit would you chill out? Adblock/Android

First Rubin, then Reader, and now no more sanctioned Android ad blocking. Getting dizzy here. Page, cut the shit. Schmidt, whup his ass.

WP8 Start Screen Web Demo reveals new features

Today Microsoft showed a web demo on its Windows Phone page and it shows the upcoming changes or modifications to its start screen. More Facebook integration and Kids Corner are interesting...

Official Twitter App is available on Windows Store

Finally Twitter released Official Window 8 and Windows RT App on Windows Store Download from Windows Store here

Would Kindle Fire HD really fire Android Tablets this time?

Amazon announced the price cut on Kindle Fire HD,, now would it really kill majority of Android tablets like Jason Perlow on ZDNet thinks What do you think?

Just read on my Google Reader that Google is shutting down Google Reader noooo

And the irony isn't helping to alleviate the sting.. :( C'mon people we need a good backlash! Backlash damnit, blowback too, all you got!!category-topic/reader/qYAeiUEY8sg GoogleReaderPetition

Is Android folding into Chrome OS?

Sundar Pichai boss of Chrome OS is taking over reins of Android from Andy Rubin, and Andy stays with Google, but at what level not sure though. Is Google accepting Desktop/Laptop...

Gods Must be Crazy!

Google is paying just $7M for the Wi-Fi theft (crime) and Govt. let it go. Microsoft is paying nearly $750M for missing stupid ballot survey. Yeah definitely Gods Must be Crazy!

First time in 7 months Windows 8 Pro failed on me

After 7+ months of using Windows 8 pro right out of bat, I got this new BSOD on my Lenovo G570 with 8GB RAM and 500GB HDD. It said NTFS.sys failure...