MobilityLeaks: Binders Full of Pageviews

On 01/23/13 David K wrote: Any way to share a WiFi connection in WP? Internet sharing doesn't work - its cell data only. This place charges per device and I'll make my surface public but if prefer to pay them for a single device. Thanks Stephen Mesik: There is a virtual WiFi adapter in Windows 7 and 8 that can do that with a network bridge to your “real” physical adapter. I don’t remember if it’s in RT. David K: When I connect on the Surface of asks if I want to share [...]

MobilityLeaks: Blame Corel and WordPerfect

Doug Simmons wrote: The Surface Pro won't come with Office? Really? Let's assume this isn't a joke. Why, if you were Microsoft, would you not include Office in this device? David K: No PC comes with Office preloaded for free. Surface RT is the first break and that's why there's no outlook...keeps it weak for business on purpose and puts corporate types on pro paying premiums. Only google can afford to give away all their products. [...]

MobilityLeaks: Fanboi Pronunciation?

On 1/5/2012 17:01 EST, Rama Uppugunduri wrote: Look at some of these morons’ comments, bunch of Google idiots here making me laugh: ZDNet: Google shouldn’t forget history when blocking… Thanks and Regards Ram Disclaimer: This...

MobilityLeaks: You Need a Hard Reset, Bro

On 12/19/2012 21:23, Stephen Mesik wrote: I never noticed the other issues, but it is much faster with this update. Quite noticeably faster! Sent from my Windows Phone Colby: I'm downloading my update now... But...

MobilityLeaks: Simmons Drops Mic

On 12/4/2012 9:04 PM, Ram wrote: Doug Simmons, hopefully your Android is not one of the victims: Security Threat Report 2013 Sent from Windows Mail Doug Simmons: Ram my man, Android is as open, and therefore as vulnerable to malware, as you choose to make it. Among these choices: rooting your phone, enabling sideloading, unlocking your bootloader, installing custom roms from XDA, [...]

MobilityLeaks: Nice Try, Simmons

On 11/28/2012 5:17 PM, Ram wrote: I see point in Microsoft’s ad. Do No Evil now is 100% Do Evil by pushing paid customers first. Microsoft ads deride Google as bad place to shop. Don’t get I like it. Sent from Windows Mail Doug Simmons: Sorry Ram, just tuning in here.. so let's see, you found a Google Shopping (aka bashing website promoting Bing and you're all excited. First thing that comes to mind about Bing and screwing is the way they sort of totally ripped off Google Search's math guys and got caught red handed with definitive proof but let's move on from that. I want to see for myself right now how evil -- or helpful -- Google Shopping is versus Bing. I'll liveblog it too right here. [...]

Will the iPhone 5 get Jailbroken before or after WP 7.8?

It’s true, I am the only one left around here that has an iPhone. Shocking as though it may seem, the rest of the team is pretty much Windows Phone hard...

MobilityLeaks: Words with Friends

Today in MobilityLeaks: DavidK cheats at Words with Friends! DavidK: My AT&T store still has no new stock and no word on when any stock is coming in. If I...

MobilityLeaks: Windows Phone Marketshare Predictions

  Quite often we, the staff writers, at Mobility Digest talk amongst ourselves on a hot-button topic. Less often we decide to let the world in on our fun. Today’s...

MobililtyLeaks: Who’s got your calendar?

A two-fer Wedesnday!! Today on MobilityLeaks: watch your Google Calendar settings! James: Anyone ever had a spam created Calendar event?  Yea me neither till now.  This makes...