Windows Tablets

What feature are you using most in WP8.1?

Most people are locked on to this idea that Cortana is the WP 8.1 show stopper.  I disagree.  Digital assistants and I have a very tumultuous relationship in every iteration that has existed.  Voice controls just [...]

The rough road to Windows 8.1.1, which is what we’re calling it I suppose.

So a few days after the update is always a time of trials and tribulations as people settle back into their routines and try and accomplish all their every day tasks with the updated version of [...]

Don’t Silence my On-Screen Keyboard Microsoft

Like most of you, I was anxious to download and install the latest Windows 8 update (what I refer to as Win8.1.1) on all of my devices Wednesday night. The first thing I noticed after updating [...]

First Impressions: ASUS VivoTab Note 8

If I were to give you my first impressions from Monday night, you would run from this tablet like the plague. But the good news is that all is good in Note 8 world again. Let [...]

ASUS VivoTab Note 8 Unboxing

As expected, my VivoTab Note 8 (64GB) arrived today. Starting to set things up and I will have more to share in the coming days. Today we’ll stick to what’s in the box. I was a [...]

Microsoft gives no F*#ks about pirating Windows 7 anymore. Diego gets what I’m saying.

So a little background for you folks: I pirate software because I’m poor.  I buy enough stuff, so let’s not get into this what’s right and wrong business because it’s not important to this piece of [...]

Oh no! All is not Peachy in ASUS Tablet Land

As noted yesterday, I ordered a shiny new ASUS VivoTab Note 8 Windows tablet, which includes a Wacom stylus. A first for the small form factor Windows tablet. I have had an obsession with handwriting to [...]

ASUS Vivo Tab Note 8 is Back in Stock!

The long anticipated Vivo Tab Note Windows 8 tablet with Wacom stylus appears to be back on store shelves. They did a soft release in February with very limited stock and announced that the tablet would [...]

Microsoft releases Office for iPad and you could download at 11.00am PST from AppStore

Yes, you heard it right. Microsoft Office general manager Julia White presented Office iPad at Microsoft’s “Mobile First Could First” strategy and the first conference of Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft in San Francisco. At [...]

You Were Saying About Scroogled, Spikerosoft?

Danny: “Microsoft: We have the right to search your Hotmail account” (updated) Hmmm…. We can’t really trust anyone. Companies reading our emails, storing our SMS, siri storing our voice, apple and Samsung recording our [...]